Our Service & Safety


Rock-It Firework Displays 

 Our Audience and Crew's safety is paramount... 

and is ensured by our level of service, stringent working methods, risk assessing and both in-house and external training... 

When you book with us, regardless of display size, type or budget, the minimum service you can expect is…

 Before the display:

Discuss your requirements, ideas and expectations

Discuss any requirements with the venue

Conduct a site survey and preliminary Risk Assessment

Design your display, incorporating any of your wishes

Notify relevant Authorities: Police, CAA, Coastguard, etc

Answer any of your questions

 On the day:

Display set up, with weatherproofing as much as is possible

Continual Dynamic Risk Assessments throughout the day

Liaise with yourself and the venue

Check all safety procedures are in place

Fire the display

  After the display:

Clear the site of any debris, to respect the grounds of the venue 

Follow up with yourself to ensure you were satisfied with the display

In addition, it is vitally important to note that as a Professional Firework Display company, safety remains the fundamental most important aspect of all that we do.  

How a display is actually performing visually is always a joint priority, along with the safety of our audience and crew. Our Safety record remains unscathed … 

  • We carry year-round full Product and Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance. 
  • The firework effects we use are handpicked from a variety of suppliers, ensuring we only have the finest in quality and performance.
  • All of the firework items we use in our displays meet British and European Standards, as well as our own.
  • We test all of our equipment and fireworks before allowing them to be used in a display.
  • A copy of our Method Statement is always available for our Clients, and is available to view here
  • We are members of a number of Advice Groups through which we ensure we are fully up to date with all new, and changes to existing, legislation; and undertaken regular training and certification provided by Illuminate Consult
  • The general terms and conditions of our bookings are available here 

 It is against the law to hold a fireworks display after 11pm, with the exception of New Year's Eve and 5th November.   


 County Council Diwali Display

"Well Guys, you've done it again! A fantastic display that our Employees thoroughly enjoyed. You were really up against it with the weather too, but as we knew you would the safety precautions you took and professionalism you demonstrated were top notch." Gary O'Leary, Beedles Lake Golf Club